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What I did at IndieWebCamp Berlin 2022

2 min read

IndieWebCamp Berlin 2022 took place over the weekend. This is the first in-person IndieWeb event I have attended. It was great to meet with people I have only spoken with online for the last few years.

The event lasted two days. On day one, we planned and then had a series of sessions related to topics we were all interested in. This ranged from creating private posts on one's site to learning about the basics of accessibility. I enjoyed and learned a lot from every session.

On the second day, we worked on projects of personal interest. Some of our projects were related to the topics we had discussed on the first day. On day two, I worked on:

  • IO refactoring for the IndieWeb Utils Python library
  • Added some new features to the IndieWeb archiving bot suggested by the community
  • A new Berlin coffee map for my personal website
  • Some bug fixes for my website, including a fix for the image issue that broke many of the meta images on my site
  • A game of tic tac toe that took place over two websites
  • And more...

I plan to attend another IndieWebCamp when one is scheduled for the future!

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